Sustainable directorship

Sustainability and governance

The role of Directors and Managers has changed in the past years; they face numerous challenges of running a business or function in the 21st century which demand a complex blend of skills, tools, ethics, behaviours and substance sensitiveness.

We provide a unique mix of competencies and high level of professionalism with pragmatism, flexibility, awareness, and industry knowledge.

We serve both corporate and individual Tier1 clients by strengthening their governance skills and capacities in Luxembourg and abroad.

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Operational substance in Luxembourg

Operational substance is becoming more and more at the core of the political, regulatory, and also public interest.  While substance used to be for a long time considered for tax purposes only, the operational substance is a much broader concept targeting real business activities to be operated in and from Luxembourg, with strategical and financial decisions taken here, also marketing and research activities.  It can be seen as a real opportunity to develop activities in Luxembourg and to take profit from its unique international, business-friendly and service-oriented environment.

We help our clients to set-up and operate truly substance-driven activities in Luxembourg.

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Directorship & executive management mandates

  • Focus on substance driven mandates
  • Truly independent directorship
  • Professional, business & academic skills, qualifications, certifications
  • Experience & track record
  • Regulated and non-regulated vehicles in Luxembourg and abroad
  • Highest ethical standards
  • Professional & personal network
  • Focus on a limited number of industries and sectors

Company & substance set-up

  • General advisory on substance requirements, implementation & management
  • Business license & pay‐roll
  • Business set-up
  • Incorporation process
  • Luxembourg offices set‐up
  • Operational management set-up
  • Recruiting
  • Service providers coordination
  • Public Affairs
  • Process management oriented approach

Daily operational management

  • Day-to-day business & office management
  • Operational activities
  • Business development & contract management
  • Key decisions held in Luxembourg
  • Industry-specific know-how & background
  • Physical office facilities
  • Additional (part-time) employees: assistant …
  • Relationship management with third parties
  • Communication & website management
  • More generally: a one-stop “substance driven” shop

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