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Your Path to Operational Excellence Begins with Us

Our services

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General advisory on substance requirements, company’s operational implementation, general management, and day-to-day operational Advisory management


A unique substance, directorship, and regulatory know-how, as well as a specific industry know-how.

• Truly independent directorship
• Regulated & non-regulated LuxCos
• One person to be and remain the contact person and professional in charge
• Extended professional knowledge & competencies; Lux. business environment; legal & tax (no legal advisory)
• Confirmed industry knowledge within various industries
• Business & administrative management, communications with the public authorities, related communications
• Board meetings: preparation, organization, board minutes codrafting (validation/ optimization of board minutes), etc.
• General “look-and-feel overview on political and economical matters in Luxembourg, general regulatory follow-up
• Coordination of and with the service providers
• General ’24/7’ availably for urgent matters

Directorship &
Executive management
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• Operational business & administrative set-up, incorporation,
offices set-up, process management
• Coordination of legal acts provided by law & tax advisor
• Advisory, research & set-up of physical remises and address in Luxembourg (strengthen substance)
• Service providers pitching & coordination
• Bank account opening guidance & support
• Business license (for operational companies) Company set
• Public affairs/ Government relationship management

Company Set-Up &

A reply to the need for functional substance:

• Effective day-to-day LuxCos office & administrative management, ongoing secretarial & administrative tasks
• Current account management/ payments of current expenses,cash-flow operations
• Fully operational personal office : 2 assistants, administrative/office support
• Collaboration & communication with the LuxCos parent companies/subsidiaries and their service providers
• Collaboration & communication with other third parties: bank, Day accountant, legal advisor, tax advisor

Day-to-day operational

• Databases and research tools: Pitchbook, ZoomInfo Crunchbase, Statista
• KYC Namecheck Ad hoc KYC,
• AI driven deep-data research

Ad hoc KYC, Research & Market studies
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